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Crown Walkie Stackers Combine Form with Function

Crown’s unique combination of function, durability and simple to use ergonomics has helped with the popularity of their walkie stackers since they were first produced. Today, Crown offers a range of walkie stackers which retain these values while being suitable for various applications. They feature modern designs for efficiency, safety and low cost of ownership.

Crown walkie stackers come in a range of sizes with lift heights of up to six metres and capacities ranging from 1000 to 2000 kilograms, to meet the needs of multiple industries and applications.

The product range allows businesses to answer specific workplace challenges with dependable, cost-effective equipment based on space constraints, floor conditions, run times, individual usage requirements and more.

The range includes machinery created by Crown’s USA and Germany design teams. Crown has been evolving its collective knowledge since Crown was originally incorporated in the 1950s.

Crown develops walkie stackers which measure up to the following brand promise:

Crown designs, manufactures, distributes, services and supports material handling products that provide customers with superior value.

Crown material handling equipment is built with quality as the most important consideration because repeat business is vital to Crown – it’s the way the brand has grown.

An example of confidence in the longevity of Crown walkie stackers, as well as all other Crown products, is parts availability. Crown stocks parts for machines up to 30 years old, to minimise downtime and keep businesses at work.

Choose a Crown Walkie Stacker for your warehouse:

M Series

M Series

M Series

The M Series features Crown’s quality, reliability and attention to detail at an entry level price. A 1000-kilogram capacity and maximum lift height of 3300mm, which can reach three pallets high, make it suitable for a range of applications.

Crown’s Rack and Stack Special combines the M Series with quality racking for just $14 per day.



ST 3000

ST 3000 Series

ST Series

The ST Series adds 950mm lift height and a larger battery capacity to that of the M Series for more demanding use.



SX 3000

SX 3000 Series

SX Series

The SX Series helps businesses lift more weight, to higher locations, for a longer time. It features a capacity of 1500 kilograms and reaches heights of up to 5500mm.

Importantly the SX series also features an upgraded power supply – a 24-volt industrial traction battery for long life and runtimes.



SHR 5500

SHR 5500 Series

SHR Series

The SHR Series can lift loads to 6100mm, with the additional convenience of a sturdy pantograph reach mechanism to extend loads forward into bays. This allows easier truck and container loading and unloading.

Choices of 1300 or 1600-kilogram rated SHR models also benefit from the long life and runtimes of a 24-volt industrial traction battery.

For more information on Crown walkie stackers and the Rack and Stack Special Offer on the M Series, please visit the Crown promotions page.



Train Your Staff

In addition to selling top quality material handling equipment, Crown offers top quality training for operators of equipment ranging from walkie stackers to high-reach lift trucks.

Speak to Crown Commercial Training to find out how to build and maintain the competence of your staff.


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