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Forklift Rental Is a Valuable Tool in Your Supply Chain Sustainability Toolbox

Why Crown Rentals

Companies expand a significant amount of effort and resources to bring predictability to their supply chains. The ability to foresee and quickly respond to potential unexpected downtime, shifting market conditions and changing consumer demand is an invaluable asset in helping companies avoid or minimise supply chain disruptions.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts and incremental successes, the supply chain can still be unpredictable, especially in the most challenging times. For instance, as any supply chain or fleet manager knows, right now is one of the most challenging times we have faced in a generation.


Five Steps to a Healthier Forklift Fleet

When it comes to the performance of your supply chain, the health of your forklifts is vital. An unhealthy fleet can lead to lower productivity, considerable inefficiencies, higher service and maintenance costs, and unsafe working conditions.

The following are five steps you can take to help ensure you have a healthy forklift fleet to continue to meet customer expectations and demands.


We’re Here If You Need Us

During this critical time, it is vitally important that supply chains have the necessary equipment and resources to continue to function. Crown is committed to providing our full support to help get essential supplies to where they’re needed most—to hospitals, to grocery stores and to the communities at large in which we, our customers and our families work and live.

Crown Offers Three-Year Warranty on PTH 50 Series Pallet Trucks

Crown Offers Three-Year Warranty on PTH 50 Series Pallet Trucks

Crown Equipment is now providing customers in the Asia Pacific region with one of the longest hand pallet truck warranties in the industry.

The 45-Year-Old Crown Forklift Still ‘Pickin’ ‘It Up And Puttin’ ‘It Down’

Crown Walkie Stacker Which Is Still Working Hard After 45 Years Of Service

Crown Equipment’s legendary reputation for reliability and longevity has been highlighted by an elderly 30WTF154 walkie stacker which is still working hard after 45 years of service.



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