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Yamaha Replaces Ladders With the Wave

The Wave® Work Assist Vehicle from Crown sets safety standards at Yamaha Motor’s European Distribution Centre in Amsterdam
Designing and producing leisure vehicles for close to half a century, Yamaha Motor strives for the customer to ‘experience a delicate blend of technologies which creates a harmonious union between man and machine’. read more »»

”Our most important goal is quality” – an interview with Kenneth Dufford by German magazine ‘Logitstik Journal’

What makes a product successful? What should be the response to rapid growth in Eastern Europe and China? And how important is the design of a lift truck?
These and other questions were put to Kenneth Dufford, Managing Director European Operations, by Michael Weilacher, Editor-in-Chief of the German ‘Logistik Journal’. The interview appeared in the magazine’s October issue. read more »»

Productivity, Performance and Picking Accuracy from Crown’s new Low-Level Order Pickers

A detailed analysis of the entire order picking process by Crown researchers and engineers has led to the creation of the new GPC 3000 Series. The experts discovered that up to 90 percent of the tasks (walking, picking, loading, labelling, counting, wrapping) during a typical picking cycle are performed off the truck. Crown has focused on adding or improving a significant number of features, which reduce and simplify the operator’s movement while performing ‘off-truck’ tasks. The aim is for 100% efficiency during all picking tasks. read more »»

The Advantage is the Centre-Mounted Tiller

The handle is the key part of a pallet truck which helps the operator to work with the truck safely and productively. For this reason, Crown has developed the ergonomic and innovative X10® handle and has included it on all of its pallet truck and powered stacker series. A decisive advantage is the centre-mounted tiller and handle.
This guarantees excellent fork tip visibility from the normal driving position and also optimal visibility on both sides of the truck. The load can be placed more quickly and operating errors or damage to the goods reduced. Furthermore, the operator is always the same distance from the power unit with the centre-mounted handle during both right and left hand turns. The result: The risk of accidents is minimised and the productivity of the operator is maximised. read more »»

Fork Tip Indicators – The Visible Difference

Fork tip visibility is an important factor for productive working in the warehouse. That is why the fork tip on Crown trucks is marked with colour indicators as standard. No more than a quick glance by the operator will be required in order to position a load more effectively at height. read more »»



Work Assist Vehicle WAV 60 Series


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