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Crown’s revolutionary Wave multipurpose vehicle celebrates 20 years of safe, flexible efficiency

Twenty years ago, Crown launched a revolutionary multipurpose vehicle that has swiftly replaced ladders in all kinds of applications. Often copied, but never equalled, the Work Assist Vehicle (WAV), better known as the Wave, is still regarded as “The Original”. First developed for picking and transporting small items, the flexible all-rounder is now used for an increasingly wide variety of tasks. The latest generation – the order picker WAV 60 – is as practical and versatile as its predecessors, yet easier to use and more powerful.

The Wave makes the physical tasks associated with transporting, lifting and moving products safer and more efficient. Users no longer waste time climbing up and down ladders, and the risk of accidents is substantially reduced. What’s more, one operator can perform tasks that used to require two people. The vehicle can lift one person plus load to operator reach heights of up to 5 metres, travel at speeds of up to 8 km/h (almost double the average walking pace) and turn within its own length. And the truck’s ability to drive along while the operator platform is being raised or lowered sends productivity soaring.

Wave multipurpose vehice celebrates 20 years of safe, flexible efficiency

“The Wave is very easy to operate and helps anyone who has to work at height move goods and materials around safely and efficiently. The result is fewer accidents, less product damage and greater productivity,” says Product Marketing Manager Gary Thurner who, as Engineering Manager, helped develop the vehicle 20 years ago. And leading independent material handling expert Theo Egberts from Andersom Testing, who subjected the WAV 60 to an in-depth trial, shares his view: “Because the Wave can lift and lower people and goods while it’s driving along, it’s more than just an alternative to rolling ladders – in terms of speed and safety, it’s vastly superior.”

Over the years, the range of applications for which the Wave is used has expanded considerably. Companies and organisations around the world are constantly finding new ways to exploit this talented all-rounder. Retailers, hotels, museums, hospitals, and many other industries find the vehicle’s versatility unmatched. The Wave is a safe, efficient solution for decorating, cleaning, stocktaking, filling shelves, hanging signs, replacing bulbs or carrying out repairs. The truck is even used for marine welding, aircraft maintenance and handling historical artefacts.

Javier Perez, General Manager of Spain’s VP hotel chain, which includes the exclusive VP Plaza España Design five-star hotel in Madrid, is also a fan: “The Crown Wave is a true multifunctional vehicle that’s easy to use and allows us to reach every nook and cranny of our hotel. For us, it has become indispensable as a ladder replacement for maintenance and cleaning work. It provides the level of safety we need for our customers and employees.”

As well as being able to travel at speeds of up to 8 km/h, the Wave is exceptionally manoeuvrable, and its AC motor gives it impressive acceleration. The truck’s built-in charging unit means it can be recharged from a standard power outlet. The standard upper load tray supports up to 90 kg while a variable powered load tray is available as an option. The lower load deck can hold up to 115 kg.

A comprehensive safety system – including electronically monitored, interlocking platform gates, dual hand sensors, a safety sensor beneath the operator platform, dual foot pedals, and a tilt sensor – protects operators and makes the Wave a safe substitute for clumsy, time-consuming ladders.


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