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Flyte Camp Oregon Relies on Crown Quality

The Crown Wave and C-5 Series gas forklift increase productivity in a challenging environment

For connoisseurs of vintage caravans, Bend – a town in the heart of the beautiful Oregon landscape – is truly a paradise. It is home to Flyte Camp, a business devoted to the restoration of these classy vehicles. Before long, a number of popular TV networks got to hear about Flyte Campe’s passionate owners. To meet the challenge of completing multiple projects while ensuring the highest levels of safety and productivity, Flyte Camp chose Crown’s Wave Work Assist Vehicle and the robust Crown C-5 Series gas forklift for their daily business.

Turning passion into reality

Flyte Camp, located in Bend, Oregon, USA, is a vintage travel trailer restoration and custom renovation shop. Since its establishment in 2010, owners Justin and Anna Scribner have expanded the company’s project to include the television series ”Flippin’ RVs“ for the popular Great American Country network and have recently filmed a new series for Travel Channel titled ”Beachin’ RVs“. Turning their passion into reality, Justin and Anna have also developed their own line of vintage-inspired travel trailers, the Flyte Camp Neutron.

With multiple projects moving through a variety of workstations throughout the restoration facility, space is often at a premium. Working at height alongside each vehicle for hours at a time is crucial to completing the restoration or manufacturing process. Climbing up and down scaffolding and ladders all day long with all of the necessary tools and equipment creates worker fatigue and potential safety issues. Constantly moving scaffolding and ladders around each vehicle as the work progresses wastes valuable production time and risks damage to irreplaceable restoration projects.

Another challenge is compounded during the filming of the television series, when the film crew and their equipment makes for even tighter working conditions. Employees must be able to move large, heavy trailers between workstations without the risk of damage to irreplaceable parts. The harsh weather conditions during Oregon winters add to the challenge as trailers are moved from an outdoor staging area into the restoration facility. Manoeuvrability and precision are key to keeping multiple simultaneous projects moving.


The Crown Wave replaces scaffolding and ladders

For the Flyte Camp team, their work is a labour of love and they welcome the opportunity to focus on their craft. With Crown’s Wave Work Assist Vehicle, they can manoeuvre safely and efficiently around each vehicle and within their facility, eliminating the inefficiencies and safety risks of ladders and scaffolding. The Wave helps them maximise productivity, enabling workers to optimally position themselves and their tools to work at height for hours at a time without interruption. Eliminating the instability of ladders and temporary work platforms has dramatically decreased the risk of injury, while avoiding frequent trips up and down ladders has reduced worker fatigue and improved productivity and worker satisfaction.

“I can’t imagine doing this job here without the Wave,” explains Justin Scribner. ”We use it in so many different applications. It’s an incredible product to have. The only thing I would change here at the shop with the Wave is getting another one!”

The versatility of the Wave has helped Flyte Camp run a smooth operation by eliminating downtime that occurred as scaffolding and ladders were repositioned around vehicles. Employees are able to maintain stamina throughout long hours by the Wave’s ability to easily position workers and their equipment where they need to be and move efficiently around vehicles as a project progresses without having to climb up and down.


The Crown C-5 gas forklift safely moves virtually irreplaceable trailers

Furthermore, Flyte Camp selected the Crown C-5 Series to tackle the challenge of maximising productivity within their tight working conditions. Its industrial LPG engine and Crown Power Brake System provides the power and precision to move large trailers with accuracy and confidence, often with only inches of clearance. Employees appreciate the ergonomic controls, high visibility operator’s compartment and optional cabin that enables them to keep projects moving no matter the weather.

The power, precision and manoeuvrability of the C-5 Series gas forklift enables operators to safely move virtually irreplaceable trailers in tight quarters sometimes with only inches to spare. The ergonomics and visibility in the C-5 Series’ hard cabin allows the operator to move the large trailers with ease and confidence, all year round.

Anna Scribner is pleased with the power and strength of Crown’s counterbalance trucks: “Everybody loves the way the C-5 works, the way it looks. We hear nothing but rave reviews. Honestly I don’t know if we would be able to conduct our business without it.”

The company is recognised for new trailer builds and restoration projects that are known for their perfect blend of form and function, and the owners feel that the C-5 Series evokes that same feeling, not only with their employees but also with customers who visit the facility to view their project in process.



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