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Optional full cabin for Crown C-5 LPG-powered forklift offers unrivalled ergonomics and all-round visibility

Crown offers an optional, innovative hard cabin for the C-5 counterbalanced gas-powered forklift truck that sets new standards of comfort, all-round visibility and ergonomics. 

The automotive-class cabin offers expansive legroom and headroom and is characterised by a host of thoughtful details that set new industry benchmarks, making the C-5 truck suitable for use in every conceivable working environment. Mounted on vibration dampers which isolate it from the chassis, the cabin is also almost entirely vibration-free.

LPG-Forklift with full cabin C-5 Series from Crown

Terex Trucks Motherwell, Scotland, for example, use the Crown C-5, fitted with full cabins, to transport wheels, axles and heavy parts from storage, often retrieving items from outside storage areas to feed the production lines. “Our drivers in particular love the C-5. The cabin is spacious, easy to access and well built,” enthuses Kevin Cooper, Section Leader at Terex Trucks.

The cabin’s most striking feature are the exceptionally large front, side and rear windows, which give drivers an unparalleled 360-degree field of vision while the upper curve of the front windshield gives drivers an unobstructed upward view. Both the windshield and pivoting rear window are fitted with wipers and washers for wet or dusty environments. The two sliding side windows are capable of opening to 36 cm, enabling drivers to enjoy pleasant, draught-free ventilation, scan goods or pass documents to and fro without having to open the door. Click here for a 360 degree view of the C-5 with full cabin.

Gas Forklift C-5 with fully enclosed cabin

The cabin interior focuses on ergonomics. Textured, sound-absorbing surfaces and fabrics reduce background noise to a minimum. Sturdy, quick-release door latches and long, bar-style door handles make opening and closing the large, lockable, removable doors fast and easy by offering optimal leverage. Filtered fresh air, heat and defrost controls are built into the right-hand door, providing more floor space and allowing entry and exit on the right-hand side of the cabin. The textured headlining with dome light and retractable sunshade makes drivers lives much easier, especially in variable lighting conditions.

A wide variety of storage options, an easy-access 12-volt power outlet and optional fittings for radio/multimedia systems – complete with speakers, antenna and full wiring – all make the cabin the ideal working environment for lift-truck operators.


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Crown, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, has a reputation for prizewinning product design, advanced engineering, user-friendly technology and first-class customer service. Vertical integration is at the core of Crown’s corporate philosophy, incorporating the design, production and distribution of innovative, pioneering solutions that enable customers to systematically increase the productivity and overall performance of their business operations. Alongside the company’s comprehensive range of forklift trucks, Crown also develops automation and fleet management technologies.

The company has its Head Office in New Bremen, Ohio, operates regional headquarters in Germany, Australia, China and Singapore, and employs over 10,000 people around the world. The service and distribution network extends to over 500 sites in more than 80 countries. Further information on Crown and the company’s ideas for helping customers advance their operational productivity can be found at



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Full cabin for C-5 gas forklift with unrivalled ergonomics and visibility - Crown Lift Trucks Newsroom

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