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Gold Metal Recyclers increase uptime and stop manually clearing radiators

Gold Metal Recyclers is one of the largest metal recycling companies in the United States. The Dallas processing yard encompasses about 38 acres and ships approximately 200 to 300 trailers of scrap metal and concrete a week. Gas Forklifts are primarily used to transport the scrap from trucks to bailers or other types of processing machinery.

Gold Metal’s gas forklifts operate in 40° C heat with heavy thick dust and debris in the air. Working seven days a week with two shifts a day, Gold Metal runs each of its forklifts approximately 3,000 hours a year on average. The gas forklifts move large pieces of scrap metal and concrete. Given the heavy use and high hours, the customer’s number one challenge is downtime, often due to clogged radiators and overheated transmissions. According to Joel Back, production manager at Gold Metal, his operators were manually clearing the radiators on competitor trucks at least once a day. Each clearing would take 15 to 20 minutes and require that the forklifts be in the maintenance bay.

Gas Forklift C-5 at Gold Metal Recyclers

The Crown C-5 Series gas forklift is built with industrial components and features that excel in the harshest environments. The Crown C-5 Series features an industrial engine and advanced engine cooling and radiator clearing system. A dual open-core radiator provides separate cooling for the engine and transmission. On-Demand Cooling automatically clears the radiator of dust and debris each time a user starts the Crown C-5 gas forklift by reversing the fan direction to clear the radiator.

In as little as 18 months, Gold Metal realised an extra 175 hours in availability due to its operators moving scrap metal and not manually clearing the radiator of their gas forklift once a day.

“The worst thing about our environment is the amount of dust and debris in the air. Add in the fact that Dallas summer temperatures can reach over 40° C, and it’s no surprise that overheating gas forklifts is such a big issue. With our other forklifts, operators were manually blowing out the radiators at least once a day. Each blow out would take about 15 to 20 minutes and require that the forklifts be in the maintenance bay. I lose $1,000 a minute when the gas forklifts processing the bailers are sitting in the maintenance bay.”

Joel Back, Production Manager, Gold Metal Recyclers


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