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Crown announces multiple new forklifts and technology launches for IMHX 2013

“Ideas That Advance”, the core message under which Crown will present their innovations, epitomises everything about their corporate philosophy. Crown designers are constantly working to find better ways of meeting the demands of customers operations – reducing a customer’s TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) whilst also making things more efficient, more environmentally friendly. Crown designers take what they learn in research and development, combine with real life feedback from customers and apply this to their new forklifts, features and innovations. This process of learning and applying ideas to improve efficiency can be seen right across the range of Crown products and visitors to the Crown stand at IMHX 2013 will be able to experience this first hand.

New forklifts being launched are designed to enhance operator efficiency, improve safety and save energy. All models of Crown’s new ESR 5200 reach truck series feature OCS – Crown’s intelligent Optimised Cornering Speed – to enhance operator confidence and achieve greater productivity. The system detects whether the reach truck is driving into or out of a curve and adjusts speed and acceleration accordingly. The new reach truck series also features a regenerative lowering option which captures lost energy and returns it to the battery, meaning fewer battery changes, longer shifts and reduced costs. Forklifts on display will include the new ESR 5220 narrow chassis reach truck and the ESR 5280S, capable of handling 1.2-tonne loads at 12-metre elevations.

ESR 5200 Reach Truck with Optimised Cornering SpeedThe high lift pallet truck WP 3000 can raise loads to 750 mm providing postural relief for operators who manually transfer goods from pallet to shelf.

IMHX 2013 will be the first UK showing of the new WP 3000 pallet truck series. As with all Crown products, the WP 3000 pallet truck is manufactured using steel covers instead of plastic, ensuring internal components are protected from the rigours of the busy warehouse. Operator appeal has been designed in, with unrivalled ease of control provided by Crown’s innovative X10® control handle, combined with the brake override mode for working in tight spaces. Manoeuvrability is further improved by the smooth, rounded chassis and ramp-hold feature, minimising the possibility of unexpected reverse travel on inclines. Forklifts on display will include the WP 3080 pallet truck – equipped with high lift forks which raise the load by 750mm. This innovative feature provides postural relief for operators who manually transfer goods from pallet to shelf, thus reducing repetitive strain problems and improving productivity.

Also on display at IMHX 2013, the new 80v TSP 7000 VNA truck is capable of lifting loads to heights of 17.2m while Crown’s performance enhancing control innovations help operators work more productively, even in aisles only slightly wider than the VNA truck itself.

The SC 5300 counterbalance forklift series will have their first showing at a UK exhibition. Equipped with integrated technologies that optimise performance, energy consumption and uptime, the SC 5300 counterbalance forklift features Access 1 2 3® patented on-board diagnostics, Crown-built motors, electronic braking, cornering speed control and a choice of hydraulic control levers. The optional Battery Transfer System (BTS) can support multiple forklift trucks and offers an easy and secure method to exchange batteries in just a few minutes.

InfoLink® Fleet and Operator Managment System

The technology being launched includes the latest version of Crown’s intelligent wireless fleet and operator management system – InfoLink®. Developed to meet the demands of the fast moving warehouse environment, Crown customers benefit as InfoLink® saves time and money by turning real-time and historic data into organised, prioritised and actionable information. Fitted to every forklift on the Crown stand, the new version of InfoLink® can provide additional advances by connecting with the customer’s warehouse management system (WMS). This gives a new insight into operator performance; as well as knowing what the operator is doing with the truck and how the forklift is performing, operator movements and picking operations can now also be monitored. The InfoLink® software, paired with a range of hardware options, allows managers to assess the productivity and efficiency levels of their operators, as well as their equipment, whilst highlighting areas for improvement and savings. Gerrit Viveen, Head of Technical Department at Yamaha Motorcycles Parts Distribution Centre in Schiphol, Netherlands, puts the benefits in a nutshell: “Infolink® has given us so much more than merely access control and it’s making a real impact on our bottom line. It also has given us more control over every aspect of forklift operation.”

Crown’s QuickPick Remote system, available on the GPC 3000 order picker, brings new levels of efficiency to low-level order picking. A remote, wireless control button is integrated into a glove worn by the operator, which allows the order picker to be advanced to the next pick location without the operator having to enter and exit the truck. The potential efficiency savings with this new technology are immense and the product will be on display on the stand.

About Crown Equipment Corporation – EMEA
Crown Equipment Corporation is one of the world’s largest material handling companies. Crown’s award-winning line of forklifts maintains a reputation for advanced product design, engineering and integrated manufacturing processes. Offering a broad range of forklifts, as well as automation and fleet management technologies, Crown provides customers with forward thinking and innovative products designed to improve performance and lower operating costs. With its Head Office in New Bremen, Ohio, and regional headquarters in Germany, Australia, China and Singapore, Crown operates a global service and distribution network. Additional information about Crown’s ideas for helping its customers advance the productivity of their operations and accomplish more can be found at



QuickPick Remote Order Picking Technology


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Crown presents new forklifts and technologies at IMHX 2013 - Crown Lift Trucks Newsroom

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