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Precisely what you need: Crown’s new stacker series ES 4000 / ET 4000

Ease of handling, a variety of choices and long term durability. Precisely what you need: Crown launches the new ES 4000 pedestrian and ET 4000 rider stacker series.

With a variety of choices that ensure the right truck for the application, the new ES 4000 and ET 4000 stacker series from Crown offer a full range of pedestrian and ride-on capabilities in the 1.2 to 1.6 ton capacity range.

Engineered for lowest Total Cost of Ownership
As with all Crown lift trucks, the stacker series ES 4000 and ET 4000 were designed with a focus on robustness and durability to ensure long-term value and low cost of ownership for customers. A heavy-gauge reinforced steel chassis and steel covers protect vital components from damage in the harshest applications. The e-GEN® regenerative braking system ensures maintenance free braking performance while a heavy-duty cast iron gearbox and Crown-built AC motors ensure reliable traction performance. Advanced technology on the range includes the Crown Access 1 2 3® control system with secure PIN code access, truck status information and complete built-in diagnostics, allowing component testing and fault finding without removing covers or the need for an external handset or notebook. Combining comfort with reduced maintenance in mind, the operator platform on the ET 4000 stacker never requires adjustment and the side restraints are designed to take abuse while protecting the operator.

Precision when you need it
The ES and ET stackers’ precise handling, superior visibility and manoeuvrability allow you to stack, position and carry loads with ease in tight spaces. A compact contoured power unit and the wide-open nested I-beam mast provide superb all around visibility. The award-winning X10® control handle provides precise control of all functions and being centre-mounted ensures balanced visibility to both sides of the truck while keeping the operator a safe distance from the truck at all times. The patented Brake Override feature allows the truck to be manoeuvred in a reduced speed mode within the tightest spaces while the handle is in the near-vertical position. Exact fork alignment is also easy with the highly refined proportional lift/lower control which allows operators to place loads with millimetre precision.

Comfort and control for all applications
All pedestrian as well as rider stackers are available with three mast types and lift heights to 5.4 metres and optional electronic steering. For limited space and travel requirements, the compact ES 4000 pallet stacker series offer excellent manoeuvrability and visibility, whereas fast-paced applications with greater travel distances benefit from the ET 4000 platform stacker series. Proven on the WT 3000 platform pallet trucks and DT 3000 double stackers, the ET stacker features the suspended fold-up FlexRide™ operator platform which achieves an 80% reduction in the impact shock and vibration. This means operators can drive over uneven floors or dock boards without having to reduce speed, thus significantly improving productivity and minimising operator fatigue. The patent pending quick-exit side restraints swing up so operators can quickly step off the side of the truck to save time and steps.

Measure and improve productivity and cost
The ES 4000 and ET 4000 stackers are available with InfoLink®, Crown’s unique fleet management solution which collects operational data from a worldwide truck fleet in real time and turns it into organised, prioritised and actionable information. InfoLink enables a customer to measure areas such as lift truck utilisation, truck and operator performance, energy to improve overall performance and reduce operational cost.


Precisely what you need: ES 4000 stacker and ET 4000 platform stacker help you stack, position and carry loads with easePrecisely what you need: ES 4000 stacker and ET 4000 platform stacker help you stack, position and carry loads with ease


About Crown
Crown Equipment Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric lift trucks. Since the company first started building materials handling equipment in the 1950s, Crown products have won numerous industry accolades. From the smallest pallet trucks through to the largest VNA trucks, Crown uses leading-edge design, innovative engineering and high-quality manufacturing techniques to respond to the full range of customer needs, achieving exceptional standards of reliability and productivity.

Crown has a unique corporate structure, characterised by the highest levels of vertical integration in the industry. This enables the company to keep tight control of development, production and customer support. Up to 85 percent of the components used in Crown products are developed and manufactured by Crown in custom-built facilities. Crown is committed to offering customers superior value that reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Crown Equipment Corporation is a family-owned business with head offices in the USA, Australia and Germany. Crown now operates a global distribution and service network with more than 70 fully-owned subsidiaries and over 300 independent dealerships.



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Precisely what you need: Crown’s new stacker series ES 4000 / ET 4000 - Crown Lift Trucks Newsroom - Crown Lift Trucks Newsroom

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