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Perfectly proportioned reach trucks – the new ESR 5200 Series from Crown

High performance, versatility and efficiency in a compact package

The new ESR 5200 reach truck series from Crown offers exceptional versatility, performance and efficiency. Available in configurations optimised for almost every application, the new reach trucks have been designed for maximum performance in the most confined storage environments. To enhance operator confidence and achieve greater productivity, all models in the reach truck series feature OCS – Crown’s intelligent Optimised Cornering Speed system which detects whether the reach truck is driving into or out of a curve and adjusts speed and acceleration accordingly.

Crown reach truck models ESR 5220 and ESR 5240Allround talent: ESR 5260 reach truck model from Crown

ESR 5220 and ESR 5240 – optimised for smaller storage units
Small warehouses with narrow aisles are very challenging for traditional reach trucks – but not the ESR 5220, which is ideally suited for tight spaces. Despite compact dimensions, this reach truck is ruggedly-built and powerful – and at only 1120 mm wide, two trucks can pass in an aisle just 2.5 metres wide – so no more wasted time, waiting for colleagues to finish.

Capable of lifting loads to a height of 7500 mm, the ESR 5220 reach truck can handle almost every task in the smaller warehouse. Narrow outriggers allow Euro-pallets to fit comfortably between the outrigger legs. And one glance at the sturdy construction will show that compact size is no longer incompatible with rock solid stability.

The ESR 5240 reach truck is optimised for all applications with lift heights below 9.5 metres, which do not require industry leading travel, lift and residual capacity but still retain the need for Crown’s typical robustness and comfort. The hydraulic functions respond smoothly and precisely to the controls, giving operators more confidence so they can work more productively. Both models feature mainly the same technologies as those in Crown’s larger reach trucks sharing the same reliability and ergonomics without sacrificing performance or operator comfort.

ESR 5260 and ESR 5280S – two high-performance workhorses
With up to two tonnes of lifting capacity and a maximum lift height of 13 metres, these two reach truck models can master almost any warehouse task. Both reach trucks can handle 1.2-tonne loads at 12-metre elevations. They are also fitted with the latest performance-enhancing technologies – the ESR 5260 reach truck even has an optional regenerative lowering system. Rather than wasting the energy produced while lowering the fork carriage and load, the system uses it to recharge the truck’s battery. This results in greater efficiency and enhanced productivity with more pallets being put away or retrieved between each battery recharging cycle. Both models can also be fitted with Crown’s optional High Level Performance System (HLPS), which helps operators handle pallets precisely and efficiently at higher elevations.

ESR 5200 Reach Truck Series with Optimised Cornering SpeedCrown’s ESR 5200 reach truck series

An ergonomic family

Crown is always focused on the operator. All new reach trucks are designed to be as comfortable and user-friendly as possible. The laterally-offset clear-view mast for example – a patented invention unique to Crown – gives operators a broad field of vision unmatched by any competitor. The driving seat has features normally associated with luxury cars, such as the FlexBack seat back. Thanks to its highly ergonomic design and easily adjustable lumbar support, operators can work through lengthy shifts without fatigue or discomfort. The top-of-the-range reach truck ESR 5280S is also fitted with Crown’s unique, patented MoveSeat, which swivels 10° in the direction of travel when driving power-unit-first, or 20° in the direction of travel when driving forks-first. This gives operators a full view of their working environment, even in narrow warehouse aisles.

InfoLink® for cross-fleet efficiency
The Access 1 2 3® comprehensive system control built into all Crown lift trucks supports safe, reliable truck performance and diagnostics. Crown’s wireless InfoLink® fleet and operator management system – available as an option on all ESR 5200 Series reach trucks – turns real-time and historical operating data on truck and operators into valuable information. Now managers can easily monitor the efficiency of their fleet to ensure the precise number of trucks for the level of business and to better control the level of damage billings. Additionally, the ability to observe correct battery charging cycles and truck maintenance schedules ensures a reduction in daily operating costs.

All models in the new ESR 5200 reach truck series benefit from Crown’s vertically-integrated manufacturing. Modular design ensures uniform quality of the trucks and readily available spare parts to maximise uptime. Furthermore, the new ESR 5200 reach trucks help companies increase their productivity, manage their fleets more easily and improve their cost efficiency – secure in the knowledge that they can rely on their logistics partner, Crown, to have the right truck for every materials handling need.
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