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ESR 5000 Reach Truck Series impresses with a range of new features

Even faster, even higher… Crown’s multiple-award-winning ESR 5000 Series of reach trucks is available immediately with a new, productivity-boosting range of standard and optional features. As a matter of course, ESR 5000 Series trucks now feature Crown’s Optimised Cornering Speed (OCS) system, an increased top speed and an extended lift height (up to 13 metres). These enhanced specifications mean that ESR 5000 Series trucks are capable of even more impressive performance, so operators can work even more efficiently.

Productivity and efficiency are the key to smooth day-to-day operations in a warehouse environment. To enable customers to manage their workflow even more economically, the ESR 5000 Series of reach trucks was recently upgraded with eight new standard and optional features.

Safe driving, even at top speed
The new Optimised Cornering Speed (OCS) system built into Crown’s updated ESR 5000 Series makes sure the lift trucks run smoothly and safely without slowing drivers down unnecessarily. The system does more than simply identify the steering angle: it also knows whether the truck is going into a turn or coming out of a turn, and adjusts the truck’s speed accordingly. As well as optimising the truck’s stability in a wide variety of circumstances, the system enhances operator productivity.

Time becomes a key issue when trucks have to travel long distances through warehouses. In addition to the OCS system, the increased top travel speed – now standard in the ESR 5000 Series – means that goods can be processed even faster. Using the Access 1 2 3® control system, the truck’s performance setting can be changed from P2 (the default) to P1, enabling a top speed of 14 km/h. Lower top speeds can also be programmed in. But Crown has done more to enhance the performance of the ESR 5000 Series than simply raise the speed: with the Super Duty mast, the reach truck now has an impressive residual capacity of 800 kg at a lifting height of 13 metres. All of which makes the reach truck series even more versatile and efficient in everyday operation.

New controls mean more efficient material handling
In addition to the three new features now included in ESR 5000 Series reach trucks as standard, Crown is also offering a selection of new optional enhancements. Now operators can work safely and efficiently from start to end of each shift, thanks to Crown’s new Sideshift Position Assist (SPA) – a system which automatically stops the reach truck’s forks in the centre position. This helps prevent inadvertent damage to products and pallets when loads are retracted or lowered between the truck’s outriggers. And because SPA is integrated with the operator’s controls, it can be applied seamlessly while loads are being raised or lowered. Standard sideshift indicators on the fork carriage provide operators with high-visibility visual cues to remind them of the exact position of the sideshifted forks.

Working processes can be further optimised by using the optional two-way travel direction switch. The standard ESR 5000 travel switch automatically reverses the truck’s direction of travel whenever it is actuated. But now, thanks to the two-way travel switch, operators can select a specific direction of travel as the default.

As if winning the iF Gold Award and the IDEA Gold Award wasn’t enough, Crown has taken yet another step towards enhancing lift truck performance and improving operator productivity with this latest update to the
ESR 5000 Series.


Crown S-class reach truck ESR 5000S Access 1 2 3Crown operator compartment S-class reach truck ESR 5000SCrown S-class reach truck ESR 5000S


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ESR 5000 Reach Truck Series impresses with a range of new features - Crown Lift Trucks Newsroom - Crown Lift Trucks Newsroom

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