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A number of first unveilings to the European market

Crown recently exhibited at the International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX 2010) at the NEC, Birmingham. IMHX is the largest and most prestigious exhibition of its kind in the UK, attracting more than 20,000 visitors looking for the very latest material handling, storage and logistics solutions.

The Crown stand was met with much enthusiasm by visitors from all over Europe keen to see the company’s latest products and services.

DT 3000 Double Stacker Pallet Truck
Shown for the first time in Europe, the all-new DT 3000 double stacker moves up to 25% more double pallet loads per hour. The Access 1 2 3® control system monitors 11 factors that can influence stability and control and instantly adjusts operating parameters for maximum safe performance. The DT 3000 is built to run 24/7 in the toughest environment with features that maximise uptime, improve operator productivity and reduce TCO.

WT 3000 Rider Pallet Truck
Available in 2.0 and 2.5 tonne capacities, Crown’s  has earned an enviable reputation for being extremely tough – even in the WT 3000 Series rider pallet truck most arduous applications. With a robust steel battery cover, steel wrap-around covers and skirts, a cast-steel reinforced chassis and the die-cast aluminium X10 Handle®, it’s easy to see why. The result is a truck that offers exceptionally low TCO.
The rear-entry fixed platform model featured is ideal for high traffic applications and when transporting over longer distances, offering advanced safety and comfort. The patented Entry Bar Safety Switch, for example, deactivates travel if the operator places a foot outside the truck perimeter.  The optional weight-adjustable FlexRide™ system provides the ultimate rider comfort by tuning the suspension for the operator’s body weight.

GPC 3000 Low Level Order Picker
Crown understands that order picking applications can be more varied and demanding than any other task in the warehouse. The GPC 3000 Series low-level order picker is the result of exhaustive research into every minute detail of order picking – walking, picking, loading, labelling, counting, wrapping, transporting, housekeeping and administrative tasks.
A powerful AC drive motor provides high torque and fast acceleration. The intelligent e-GEN™ Braking System is maintenance-free and feeds the energy that would otherwise be lost under braking back into the battery. The result is a highly efficient, safe to use truck.

ESR 5000 Reach Truck Series
The award winning Crown ESR 5000 Series reach truck offers some of the most advanced design and performance technology available in today’s material handling industry. The truck’s features include: AC power, all-wheel braking, exceptionally rigid mast capable of lifting to 13m and unmatched comfort and visibility. What’s more, travel speed for the ESR 5000 has been increased to up to 14 km/h to provide class-leading levels of productivity.
The Crown OCS (Optimised Cornering Control) system is standard on the ESR 5000 Series. This negates any of the frustration caused with basic ‘curve control’ on competitive trucks by allowing experienced drivers to get more out of their truck. This is carried out through an extra layer of sophistication – the truck knows whether the operator is turning into an aisle or turning out of an aisle and optimises acceleration and deceleration accordingly. This results in increased operator confidence and ultimately greater throughput.

ESR 5000 Cold Store Cabin Reach Truck
Building on the ESR 5000 reach truck’s class-leading reliability, durability and performance, Crown has designed a vehicle optimised for low temperature environments – down to minus 30°C. Each cabin feature has been designed to make load-handling in hostile conditions as easy and stress-free as possible. Huge heated windows with wipers front and back give unprecedented visibility in all directions – even upwards. Airtight windows coupled with electronically controlled twin heaters and fans ensure the cabin interior is always warm and comfortable. With a wide range of options and a unique choice of controls (multi-task, fingertip or dual-lever) the ESR 5000 Cold Store Cabin supports high-throughput performance from start to finish.

C-5 IC Counterbalance Lift Truck
Crown’s all-new IC-engine counterbalance forklift truck, the C-5, is available in capacities of 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 tonnes. Using the tried and trusted design principle of all Crown trucks – to provide customers with superior value – the new C-5 boasts industry-leading productivity and exceptional fuel economy. Further fuel efficiency can be selected via an economy mode.

All components on the C-5 are designed to meet tough industrial applications. The result is a truck designed for maximum uptime and ultra-low TCO.

Crown Insite™ – a comprehensive productivity optimisation system
Your application can only be as productive as the forklifts and operators you employ. Crown’s forklift trucks are known for reliability. Now, with Crown Insite, you can benchmark, measure and improve operator and truck related performance in real time – it’s almost as if the trucks can speak for themselves.
Insite shows you exactly how your trucks are being used so you can make smarter decisions to improve your performance. Insite is made up of the following four components:

SureSpec™: The SureSpec system uses information about pallet size, load weight, rack height and aisle width to determine the appropriate truck specifications. Through this unique system you can rest assured you have the best truck for your application.

Access 1 2 3®: Crown’s comprehensive control system, Access 1 2 3, acts as the ‘brain’ of the truck. It monitors the truck’s speed, direction of travel, load weight, fork position and more – and uses this information to optimise truck performance. The Access 1 2 3 display panel also communicates important service information and provides an easy to use interface for operators and service engineers. The result is faster servicing times and a higher rate of first fix.

InfoLink®: Crown InfoLink monitors and communicates a wealth of invaluable fleet truck usage and performance information in real time. Wireless technology, integrated electronics/display, automated processes and insightful reports work together to simplify fleet management. The system allows you to quickly identify the most productive trucks, operators, facilities and shifts – and the least!

FleetSTATS™: Crown FleetSTATS captures critical data contained on each service invoice which is consolidated on a centralised computer system. The programme lets you compare one truck to another, compare one facility to another, or analyse your entire fleet.


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About Crown
Crown Equipment Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric lift trucks. Since the company first started building materials handling equipment in the 1950s, Crown products have won numerous industry accolades. From the smallest pallet trucks through to the largest VNA trucks, Crown uses leading-edge design, innovative engineering and high-quality manufacturing techniques to respond to the full range of customer needs, achieving exceptional standards of reliability and productivity.

Crown has a unique corporate structure, characterised by the highest levels of vertical integration in the industry. This enables the company to keep tight control of development, production and customer support. Up to 85 percent of the components used in Crown products are developed and manufactured by Crown in custom-built facilities. Crown is committed to offering customers superior value that reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Crown Equipment Corporation is a family-owned business with head offices in the USA, Australia and Germany. Crown now operates a global distribution and service network with more than 70 fully-owned subsidiaries and over 300 independent dealerships.



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A number of first unveilings to the European market - Crown Lift Trucks Newsroom - Crown Lift Trucks Newsroom

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