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Productivity, Performance and Picking Accuracy from Crown’s new Low-Level Order Pickers

A detailed analysis of the entire order picking process by Crown researchers and engineers has led to the creation of the new GPC 3000 Series. The experts discovered that up to 90 percent of the tasks (walking, picking, loading, labelling, counting, wrapping) during a typical picking cycle are performed off the truck. Crown has focused on adding or improving a significant number of features, which reduce and simplify the operator’s movement while performing ‘off-truck’ tasks. The aim is for 100% efficiency during all picking tasks.

Crown engineers have designed a low-level order picker that makes picking faster and easier. The GPC 3000 Series has a wide range of models starting with an economic entry model with a load capacity of 2000 kg extending to a full-featured order picker with a load capacity of 2700 kg. The series is available with a range of fork lengths, optional features and different battery compartment sizes. It also includes models featuring lifting forks for either one or two pallets and the option of platform lift for second level picking. In other words there is something to suit all types of order picking applications. Innovative design, advanced technology and robust construction ensure enhanced productivity, safety and durability. The GPC 3000 Series is manufactured in Germany.

Step up the Action
Something as simple as a tidy work station can make an operation more productive. Tools and materials that are clearly organised for the picking process make a considerable difference. Crown engineers have paid particular attention to this detail and with the Work Assist™ accessory programme have designed a flexible system of features to enhance both convenience and safety. The extensive selection includes a clip pad, scan-gun holder, trash bag holder and stretch foil holder, as well as a number of load trays and storage pouches for additional items and personal effects.

Responsive controls assist the operator in handling the truck efficiently. If the picking locations are close by, the Pick Position Control™ system enables the operator to move the truck to the next location without having to get on board – eliminating the extra steps and delays needed to enter and exit the driver’s platform. The switch in the backrest is easy to reach from the outside and applies controlled braking when released so the truck is perfectly positioned for loading.

Another way of speeding up the picking process is by guiding the truck with the ergonomic X10® control handle which can be operated from the side of the truck via a thumb switch.

Last but not least, Crown’s GPC 3000 Series offers a unique fold-down step – a safe and cost-effective method of reaching tall loads or goods stored up to a height of two metres. This helps the operator to pick rapidly and efficiently as well as allowing for greater cube utilisation within the warehouse.

Reducing Fatigue
Crown engineers and designers have paid particular attention to maximising comfort to reduce fatigue levels. The floorboard on the GPC 3000 Series has been designed to make entry and exit as easy as walking through an open door. A wide walk-through area with contoured surfaces and a low step height of 130 mm helps achieve this. In addition, a contoured backrest, cushioned knee pad and a fully suspended floorboard increase comfort and reduce fatigue throughout the work shift.

Productivity can be further improved by choosing the right truck for the application from the GPC 3000 Series. For frequent mid-level picking tasks, Crown offers a platform lift option while for heavy or bulky products the single or double length lifting fork models position the forks at the right height to prevent the operator from having to lift and bend unnecessarily. All models have been designed with ergonomic, efficient and safe operation as their priority.

State-of-the-art Technology
The performance of the GPC 3000 offers further potential for productivity gains. Smooth acceleration gains the operator valuable time while effortless, precise, electronic steering also increases efficiency. Consistent, reliable long-tem perfomance is acquired through the maintenance-free e-Gen™ Braking System.

Environmental and economic considerations required the engineers to decrease energy consumption while significantly increasing performance levels. These conflicting goals were met through the combination of the Access 1 2 3™ Comprehensive System Control and efficient AC motors. Access 1 2 3 provides safe operational control and industry-leading diagnostics. The system continuously analyses factors that influence performance, safety and energy use, such as load, travel speed and steering angle. The intuitive display provides operators and service engineers with valuable information such as system status, instructions and adjustable performance settings. The InfoPoint™ system enhances this diagnostic system with an easy to follow troubleshooting process.


Crown GPC 3000GPC 3000 low-level order picker with lifting forksrown GPC 3000Crown GPC 3000


About Crown
Crown Equipment Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric lift trucks. Since the company first started building materials handling equipment in the 1950s, Crown products have won numerous industry accolades. From the smallest pallet trucks through to the largest VNA trucks, Crown uses leading-edge design, innovative engineering and high-quality manufacturing techniques to respond to the full range of customer needs, achieving exceptional standards of reliability and productivity.

Crown has a unique corporate structure, characterised by the highest levels of vertical integration in the industry. This enables the company to keep tight control of development, production and customer support. Up to 85 percent of the components used in Crown products are developed and manufactured by Crown in custom-built facilities. Crown is committed to offering customers superior value that reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Crown Equipment Corporation is a family-owned business with head offices in the USA, Australia and Germany. Crown now operates a global distribution and service network with more than 70 fully-owned subsidiaries and over 300 independent dealerships.



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Productivity, Performance and Picking Accuracy from Crown's new Low-Level Order Pickers - Crown Lift Trucks Newsroom - Crown Lift Trucks Newsroom

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