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Crown Equipment Unveils Addition to V-Force® Series Chargers to Help Managers Reduce Energy Costs

NEW BREMEN, Ohio (December 8, 2016) – Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, has introduced a new addition to its line of modular V-Force® industrial battery chargers. With a compact design that uses less operational space, the new V-Force High-Frequency Economy (V-HFE) Series is designed to maximize forklift battery life and increase energy efficiency, helping managers to reduce overall energy costs associated with forklift battery charging.

The V-HFE charger, which is compliant with California Energy Commission (CEC) regulations, is designed to provide lighter-duty applications and smaller operations with a more cost-effective, high frequency charging solution to suit almost any flooded battery. It uses a constant current – constant voltage – constant current charge profile to reduce the amount of battery-damaging heat generated during charging. Charge termination is determined by the change in voltage over time, preventing over- and undercharging, and maximizing battery and charger efficiency.

“The V-HFE Series charger offers up to a 38 percent power savings when compared with traditional Ferro and Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) chargers,” said Lynda Goodwin, parts marketing project manager, Crown Equipment. “The charger’s ability to achieve 93 percent efficiency rates over an entire charge cycle allow managers to lower their costs while being environmentally sound. For instance, when charging a 36V 1050AH battery with a V-HFE charger versus a typical Ferro or SCR charger, managers can potentially realize a savings of $1.81 per charging cycle. This could result in a savings of $2,715 over 1,500 charge cycles; for a fleet of 20 electric forklifts this could be a savings of more than $9,000 in one year.”

The V-HFE charger’s front panel screen allows users to select the charging profile (conventional or cold storage). Lights on the screen indicate when the battery is charging, if a fault has occurred and when charging is complete. The charger occupies 67 percent less space than typical charger cabinets, allowing it to be installed virtually anywhere within a warehouse, including mounted on a wall or rack. The series features a range of voltage specific models that will charge between 300 to 1,200 amp hour batteries via conventional charging method.

The V-HFE charger joins Crown’s V-Force High Frequency Modular (V-HFM) Series chargers as part of the company’s high frequency charger line. The V-HFM, which is multi-voltage and multi-amp hour, delivers flexible solutions to suit almost any battery-charging requirement, including conventional, opportunity and fast charging.

Crown’s development of energy efficient battery charging systems is part of a broader corporate ecologic program focused on smart business and environmental sustainability. For more information on Crown’s environmental initiatives and achievements, download a copy of the ecologic Report.

About Crown Equipment Corporation

Crown is one of the world’s largest material handling companies with a reputation for award-winning product design, advanced engineering and technology, and superior after-sale service. Crown’s business philosophy utilizes vertically integrated processes to design, manufacture and distribute forward-thinking, innovative solutions that improve customers’ productivity and operating efficiency. Crown produces a broad range of forklifts as well as automation and fleet management technologies.

The company’s global headquarters is located in New Bremen, Ohio, USA, with regional headquarters in Australia, China, Germany and Singapore. Its employees number more than 13,000 worldwide. Crown operates a service and distribution network that exceeds 500 retail locations in over 80 countries. To learn more about Crown’s ideas for helping customers advance the productivity of their operations, visit crown.com.



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