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Win by selecting the right wheel

Athletes buy shoes tailored to their specific sport and although they may look the same, each type of shoe is designed for a different application, with characteristics that will help maximize the athlete’s performance. Race cars use different tires at different tracks and choosing the wrong one can have devastating consequences. The same goes for wheels on lift trucks. Each truck that performs a specific job needs a wheel tailored to fit the specific application. And, you might be surprised to learn that wheels are also among the most frequently replaced parts on a lift truck.

While athletes and pit crews may go on changing their shoes and tires forever, most forklift fleet managers would like to minimize the downtime and lost productivity associated with wheel failure and replacement.

The first step in choosing the right wheel is to determine in what type of application your lift truck will be performing and how much weight it will be moving. This will help determine the best wheel compound to support the weight capacity and operating environment. In some cases, you may have more than one option while in others you may need to choose more carefully.

Athletes and race car drivers want to win, so they choose the equipment that maximizes their performance. Fleet managers who do the same will usually find that any up-front cost savings associated with an inferior wheel will compromise performance in the long run. The wrong choice can even cost thousands of dollars in downtime and lost productivity.

Your local Crown dealercan help you make the best wheel choice that will make you a winner, too. Download and save this free wheel selection guide, download Crown’s One Source Parts & Accessories Catalogfor more info, then contact your dealer for pricing and availability.

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