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Eliminate rolling ladders to increase safety

An employee is picking orders from the top shelf of a racking unit, but the load is large and heavy so he needs both hands to carry it. He pulls up a rolling ladder, climbs to retrieve the load and begins the unstable descent but misses a rung and falls. You can imagine what happens next. He is likely injured from the fall, which leads to time off work and expensive workers’ compensation costs. Productivity is lost and the product may be damaged as well. The whole situation could have been avoided with a simple solution.

Crown’s Work Assist Vehicle, the Wave, is an innovative lift truck that enables one person to safely do the work of two. Because of its ability to elevate and travel simultaneously, in one smooth motion, it eliminates the need for rolling ladders in the workplace and dramatically increases safety. With maximum travel speeds of 5 mph and a reach of nearly 17 ft, operators can work with confidence and comfort.

For many employees, simultaneously climbing and carrying a load is an everyday task, but this can be dangerous for the employee and detrimental to productivity levels. Falls due to ladders are among the largest causes of employee injuries. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, in one year nearly 20,000 people missed work for an average of 15 days because of falls from ladders. With the Wave, you can vastly reduce or even eliminate the use of ladders and resulting injuries for a safer and more productive work environment.

The Wave is ideal for many applications and keeps employees safe with every movement. Workers no longer have to worry about climbing up and down a ladder while carrying a load. They can safely pick products, place them on the load tray and lower with confidence.

No matter the application, an investment in safety pays multiple benefits.



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