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Crown Wave® Work Assist Vehicle® Celebrates 20th Anniversary

NEW BREMEN, Ohio (November 27, 2018) — Twenty years have passed since Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, launched its Wave Work Assist Vehicle, designed to bring safety and flexibility to applications where ladders, scaffolding and work platforms are typically used to access high places, such as those found in retail, manufacturing and small parts warehouse settings. read more »»

Flyte Camp finds Crown Wave® and C-5 Series to be essential tools for travel trailer restoration

Flyte Camp, a vintage travel trailer restoration and custom renovation shop in Bend, Oregon, operates out of a facility with a variety of workstations, so space is often at a premium. Crown Equipment, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, helped the company maximize facility space while also increasing productivity and safety. read more »»

Newest Design Awards Lift Crown Equipment to Historic Achievement

NEW BREMEN, Ohio (March 16, 2017) – Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, has now earned more than 100 international industrial design awards for its forklifts since 1965. read more »»

Eliminate rolling ladders to increase safety

An employee is picking orders from the top shelf of a racking unit, but the load is large and heavy so he needs both hands to carry it. He pulls up a rolling ladder, climbs to retrieve the load and begins the unstable descent but misses a rung and falls. You can imagine what happens next. He is likely injured from the fall, which leads to time off work and expensive workers’ compensation costs. Productivity is lost and the product may be damaged as well. The whole situation could have been avoided with a simple solution. read more »»

Crown Equipment Introduces Next-Generation Work Assist Vehicle

NEW BREMEN, Ohio (April 19, 2016) – Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, today introduced the Crown WAV 60 Series designed with features to help achieve a greater level of safety, efficiency and flexibility for applications where ladders are typically used to access high places, such as those found in retail and manufacturing settings. read more »»

Crown Equipment is North America’s Best Performing Forklift Brand According to Logistics and Supply Chain Industry Survey

NEW BREMEN, Ohio (May 15, 2014) – Forklifts and material handling technology solutions from Crown Equipment Corporation are the best performing products on the market, according to a survey conducted by AGiLE Business Media, publisher of logistics and supply chain publications DC Velocity and Supply Chain Quarterly. Participating readers of DC Velocity ranked Crown ahead of 10 other forklift manufacturers when asked to identify the best performing forklifts in these categories: electric counterbalance, reach truck, pallet truck, stacker, stockpicker/order picker and turret truck. Crown also earned the top spot in the two technology-related performance categories: fleet management systems and automation/semi-automation. read more »»

Crown Equipment Introduces One-Year Warranty on Pre-Owned Forklifts

NEW BREMEN, Ohio (August 18, 2011) – When Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s leading forklift manufacturers, began remanufacturing forklifts 10 years ago, it did so based on the principle that its Encore® line of renewed lift trucks should be the best in the industry. In recognition of this commitment, the company is introducing a one-year warranty with no hour limits on all major components of an Encore lift truck. The Encore warranty is currently the most comprehensive among all other major pre-owned forklift brands. read more »»

Wave® Work Assist Vehicle Continues to Add Value

NEW BREMEN, Ohio (July 7, 2008) — Ten years ago, Crown introduced the Wave® Work Assist Vehicle. Since its introduction, the product has broken new ground worldwide in meeting the needs of companies in an ever increasing number of industries. read more »»



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