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Always be mindful of battery safety

Safety is a primary concern when working around industrial batteries. Batteries are very heavy (as much as 4000 lbs.) and contain sulfuric acid. Only qualified, trained personnel should be used to perform battery maintenance. 

Those performing maintenance must wear proper battery safety equipment (gloves, face shield, apron, etc.) and know how to properly operate battery handling equipment.  It is also important for battery maintenance personnel to know the location of the eyewash station, fire extinguisher, and battery spill kit and understand how to use them should an emergency occur.

Batteries produce explosive gases, which can be very dangerous. Battery maintenance personnel should never smoke, use an open flame or create an arc or sparks near a battery. Another safety tip is to always remove jewelry when working on a battery and avoid placing any metallic objects on top of the battery to help prevent accidental shorting.  These simple tips can help prevent serious accidents from occurring.

These safety tips are just as important for those who charge forklift batteries as they are for those who maintain them. Observing the proper safety and charging procedures can help ensure a smooth charging process and more uptime.

Download, print and post this free Forklift Charging Procedures poster at each of your forklift charging stations to help remind everyone who comes in contact with forklift batteries of best practices to employ during the charging process. For more information on batteries and chargers available from Crown, visit the V-Force Batteries & Chargers page on

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