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The instant (and free) solution to the aggravation of forklift breakdowns

Today started out so well, then one of your most productive forklift operators just called to tell you there’s something wrong with their forklift. It’s preventing them from getting their job done and, worse yet, it may fail completely soon. You’re quick to investigate before things get any worse, heading out to the floor to locate the forklift and take action.

Upon finding the forklift, your worst fears are confirmed. It’s not moving and the work is piling up. It’s clear that you’re going to need service, and quickly. You look for a pen to jot down the forklift’s model and serial numbers to help expedite the repair, but in your hurry you forgot to bring one with you. Growing increasingly frustrated, all you can think about is how this interruption is going to impact your day, and you still haven’t even called anyone about the repair.

How can you avoid these aggravations and minimize the impact on your operation? The answer is the Crown Service Request app, available for Android and IOS mobile devices.

Heading to the lift truck, you’ve already tapped the shortcut to the app on your phone and the service request has automatically filled in your contact information. When you locate the truck, you type in the model and serials number and a brief note describing what’s wrong and tap the Submit button.

Your information is received by the local Crown service location and within minutes, your service request is being transmitted to a Crown mobile service technician who is already in the field in a fully equipped service van stocked with parts. The tech is reviewing the information you’ve submitted and already has an idea of what needs to be done.

You’ve headed back to your office and, before you sit back down at your desk, your mobile phone is ringing and the Crown Service Tech is telling you it’s going to be alright. You smile and think about how interruptions like this used to ruin your day. Yes, it’s going to be a good one after all.

The solution to your forklift service issues is literally at your fingertips. Pick up your phone now and search the App Store or Google Play for “Crown service request” to download the app to get started. Why wait?



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The instant (and free) solution to the aggravation of forklift breakdowns - Crown Material Handling News - Crown Material Handling News

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