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Ace Endico leverages Crown’s automation technology to “blow picking rates out of the water”

Ace Endico, a full-service supplier of fine foods headquartered in Brewster, New York, needed to increase productivity in its order picking operation to keep up with growing demand. Crown Equipment, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, helped the company reach new levels of productivity, efficiency and safety.

Working three shifts, seven days a week, with as many as 100,000 cases of food products coming in and out of the warehouse each day, Ace Endico’s management looks for every available way to realize efficiency gains. Since incorporating the use of Crown’s QuickPick® Remote order picking technology and InfoLink® wireless operator and fleet management system into its operations Ace Endico’s order picking productivity is up 20 percent while its reach truck operators are helping the company safely handle the high volume of work.

The QuickPick Remote system uses semi-automated truck navigation technologies to reduce low-level order picking walk steps, thereby increasing productivity, reducing operator fatigue and improving safety. According to Matthew Hertzberg, vice president of operations, Ace Endico, the QuickPick Remote system has enabled operators to save up to five seconds per pick, with significant increases in productivity and order accuracy. Order pickers also report reduced fatigue and the ability to achieve their picking goals and maximize their incentive pay.

“When we added the QuickPick Remote technology, our operators were able to gain more productivity and increase their picking rates with less travel to and from the machine,” said Hertzberg. “We’ve seen an overall increase of 20 percent in our productivity.”

Crown’s InfoLink wireless operator and fleet management system has helped Ace Endico ensure that its fleet is operating at maximum efficiency and safety levels. The system allows Ace Endico to understand when, where and how each lift truck is being used, taking the guesswork out of safety compliance and helping the company identify opportunities for process improvements.

“I’m very impressed with what Crown’s InfoLink system has done for us so far in helping us to detect impacts and control warehouse damage,” said Hertzberg. “It has helped us achieve our safety goals.”

Productivity and safety are key for Ace Endico to keep up with its growing demand and versatile operation. The 20,000-square-foot climate-controlled shipping and receiving dock with 15 bay doors moves products in and out of the facility’s 11 temperature zones with a nearly constant cycle of picking, distribution and replenishment occurring daily. Crown Equipment’s QuickPick Remote technology and InfoLink system are two technologies the company has leveraged to optimize speed and accuracy in its operation.

For more details of how Ace Endico and Crown work together, visit the customer results for the QuickPick Remote order picking technology and InfoLink wireless operator and fleet management sytsem on



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Ace Endico leverages Crown’s automation technology to “blow picking rates out of the water” - Crown Material Handling News - Crown Material Handling News

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