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What does forklift sustainability mean to you?

Going green has become a pretty common catchphrase, generating thoughts of recycling, switching to energy efficient light bulbs, saving water or even buying that fancy new “smart” thermostat to control the comfort of your home. While activities like these are usually the ones that are top of mind when thinking about sustainability, there are countless other components in the supply chain that can make a positive impact. For example, think about forklifts, they have likely moved everything around us. Because of their widespread influence, they are a vital link in the ever-evolving global supply chain and the global mission to conserve our planet and all of its resources.

Crown’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability reflects the nature of its rural, small-town roots – take care of your resources, look out for your neighbor and prepare for the future. That’s why we believe sustainability is more than a conservation promise; it’s about exploring and implementing ecologically conscious practices in every facet of our business. This commitment begins with our employees. Small actions can make a big difference, and Crown employees are empowered to improve processes both in and out of the workplace.

What has Crown done to become more sustainable?

  • Redeveloped more than half a million square meters of brownfield land to help revitalize communities and preserve green space
  • Re-manufactured or recycled more than 18 metric tons of printer cartridges, toners and cell phones from employees and community members to cut down on eWaste
  • Saved 1,200 metric tons of greenhouse gasses due to transportation improvements and achieved zero landfill status in five facilities across North America
  • Increased facility energy efficiency, saving more than one million kWh of energy per year, by improving lighting conditions throughout our facilities
  • Implemented an employee-suggested sheltered bicycle parking area and employee showers to promote green transportation in Europe
  • Saved 1,100 pounds of hazardous wastes per facility per year by upgrading to an environmentally friendly parts washer in selected Crown service locations
  • Recycled 100% of batteries at all Crown facilities
  • And more… View our latest ecologic report to read more about Crown’s sustainability commitment

As you can see, Crown is committed to reducing our environment footprint around the world. Sustainability is not an afterthought or a special program at Crown; is integrated into our day-to-day business practices. It begins with the mindset of our employees and extends through our organization and communities all around the world.



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