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Forklift rental, without the headache

Do you remember the last time you rented a car? Anyone who has ever had to do so knows it can be a huge hassle, especially when something unexpected happens and you need a car right away. The options are limited, which only adds to the already stressful situation. The one-size-fits-all contract contains all sorts of details, add-ons and accessories. When you finally get your vehicle, it may look beaten up, worn down, overused and dirty. If so, then you can tell the experience isn’t going to get any better.

Sometimes the need for a forklift rental occurs under the same circumstances. Something unexpected has happened and you need the right solution, right now. But that’s when the similarities end when you rent your forklift from Crown. You can be assured of getting the forklift you need – electric or IC – serviced and ready to perform just like a new one. And our rental agreements are definitely not one size fits all. You can rent for hours, days, months or even years with maintenance included to maximize your uptime and productivity. When is the last time you got that with your rental car?

When you rent from Crown, you’ll be assured of the highest quality experience:

  • Trucks that are maintained to the industry’s highest standards
  • Comprehensive pre-rental inspections to ensure consistent performance
  • A young rental fleet to provide the same level of performance as a new truck
  • The right truck, no matter what your business needs
  • Flexible rental terms to fit your schedule
  • Rent-to-own options to ensure you’ve made the right decision for your long-term needs

Many forklift rentals are needed under stressful conditions but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the right solution for a quick solution. With multiple options, a reliable fleet and flexible terms, a forklift rental from Crown ensures a stress-free experience, plus the right solution for every need. Renting a car should be so easy!



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