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Crown Launches Next Generation Wave 60 Work Assist Vehicle


WAVe60-064_smallCrown has elevated the style and substance of its Wave® Work Assist Vehicle® with important specification enhancements and fresh aesthetics.

The Wave’s revisions strengthen its well-known functionality, which has helped numerous organisations around the world improve workplace safety and productivity levels beyond the capability of ladders.

The new Wave 60 Series’ new AC drive motors provide powerful performance – with travel speeds of up to 8km/h and increased manoeuvrability – and improved durability.

Hand sensors help ensure operators have both hands inside the perimeter of the vehicle and on the controls during operation. Travel and lift/lower functions cease if either hand is removed from the controls.

Safety sensors below the platform disable Wave’s raise, lower and travel functions if the motor cover is obstructed.

Dual foot pedals with built-in sensors make sure operators have both feet properly positioned on the platform; if either foot is removed, travel and lift/lower functions are automatically disabled.

Stamped steel side covers, steel front, rear and side bumpers and three-spoke cast steel wheels help improve upon the renowned longevity of Crown equipment.

Crown has refined the Wave’s operator experience by improving the way it integrates with InfoLink, Crown’s wireless operator and forklift fleet management solution.

A new display combines with an improved operator interface which communicates with operators through text and graphic messages, alert icons and audible alarms. The Wave’s operator interface also caters for diversity, with 18 language settings for messages.

General Manager Marketing Craig Kenchington said that the Wave 60’s visual and functional enhancements help make an exceptional product even better.

“Ever since its revolutionary introduction in 1998, warehousing, retail stocking, machinery servicing and showroom maintenance have all reaped safety and productivity benefits from the technological leap the Wave offered over rolling ladders,” Kenchington said.

“The original Wave allowed operators to reach to heights of up to five metres, could turn on its own radius, fit through a standard doorway and travel twice as fast as walking speed to do a range of jobs safer, faster and easier than ever before.

“Crown’s dedication to continual improvement means that Wave 60 can perform all of these functions but with greater ease thanks to its improved user interface while the new AC drive motors provide real-world performance and durability improvements.

“The Crown Wave was the first of its kind and these revisions help it to keep ahead of the field. And it looks great with the new silver and orange colour scheme,” he said.

The Wave load tray supports up to 90kg, while the load deck holds up to 115kg.

An optional, powered-load tray features infinitely variable positions that allow operators to easily make height adjustments for flexibility with any load.

Crown has responded to the needs of customers and the Wave is now available with a number of function-enhancing Work Assist options, including the motorised load tray and storage bins/rubbish bag holder.

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Caption: Crown has launched an updated version of its Wave® Work Assist Vehicle®, with important specification enhancements and fresh aesthetics.


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