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Crown Launches Award-winning RT 4000 Series Rider Pallet Trucks



Crown Equipment’s capacity for innovation has resulted in the launch of a new Crown designed and built pallet transporter offering a unique approach to operator ergonomics to increase productivity.

The new RT 4000 Series rider pallet truck line, which is available in stand-up or sit-down models with load capacities of up to 2,000 kilograms, offers unique flexible control arrangements and configurable seating on sit-down models to provide comfort for operators of all sizes.

Stand-up models can be configured for right-hand or left-hand steering, meeting the needs and preferences of individual operators.

Additional features help optimise the operator experience. Sit-down models feature a height-adjustable floorboard with 60mm of travel, giving operators the most comfortable sitting position possible on a durable, ergonomic seat that can easily be adjusted to accommodate individual operator weight and leg length. Sit-down models are also fitted with a low entry step for convenient entry and exit.

A suspended, shock reducing floorboard enhances ride comfort on stand-up models while a wraparound, soft-foam lean pad provides further support.

RT 4000’s unique design, developed at Crown’s European headquarters in Munich, Germany, focuses on delivering fast, safe and efficient all-day performance from loading dock to warehouse aisle. It also provides the quality, reliability, durability and performance built in to every piece of Crown equipment.

AC motors, developed in-house by Crown, give RT 4000 models not only strong acceleration but also a 12.5km/h top speed.

Safety is enhanced by a number of factors. RT 4000’s ergonomic refinement helps reduce operator fatigue while Crown’s patented and proven Entry Bar Safety Switch begins to slow the RT 4000 to a stop when the operator places a foot onto the entry bar and outside the truck’s perimeter.

Electronic power steering reduces fatigue while boosting RT 4000’s manoeuvrability and responsiveness. Complete with spinner knob, the steering wheel is sized and positioned to minimise shoulder and arm stress, even in the most demanding conditions.

The use of proven, best-in-class components provides reliability. High-tensile steel is used to reinforce the one-piece forks and the controls have been tested to the limit in the toughest working conditions. There is also an extensive range of Work Assist™ accessories which includes beverage holders, clipboards, storage pockets and more.

The RT 4000 Series’ design features led an international panel of design experts to grant it an iF Design Award in the Vehicles category for 2016. This is the 28th iF Product Design Award which Crown won since 1969.

Crown Product Engineering Development and Support Manager Michael Croxford, said Crown’s combined international design prowess is evident in the user-friendly details of the RT 4000.

“Crown’s focus on ergonomics which optimise operator productivity are a key feature of the new RT 4000 Series. This is evident in the availability of stand up or sit down models, and left- or right-handed steering on stand-up models,” Croxford said.

“The RT 4000 Series is designed and tested to withstand extreme stresses. Every model is fitted with a reinforced, 8mm-thick, wraparound steel skirt and steel covers 6mm thick. No exposed plastic parts are used in impact areas.

“The advantages of Crown’s vertical integration shine through with in-house manufactured AC motors which run longer, stay cooler and continue to operate reliably and efficiently no matter what conditions they’re in.”

For more information on the Crown RT 4000 Series stand-up and sit-down models please go to www.crownforklifts.com.au.

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Caption: Crown Equipment has launched the new RT 4000 Series pallet transporter, available in stand-up or sit-down configurations with flexible control arrangements.


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