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Crown Opens New Facility in South Korean Growth Hub

Crown South Korea branch

Growing demand for its lift trucks and fleet management technology has led Crown Equipment to upgrade its South Korean operations with a move to a larger facility in one of the country’s fastest growing logistics hubs.

Located in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do, the new facility supports Crown Korea’s experienced, factory-trained team of material handling specialists including the sales and service technicians and support staff who assist customers countrywide.

The new branch is located for greater convenience and features larger sales and rental forklift fleets, better stock capacity and improved inventory management for faster parts turnaround.

The Icheon facility is the third major demand-driven expansion in Asia for Crown in the last 12 months, following recently completed facilities in Johor, Malaysia and Rayong in Thailand.

Crown Equipment managing director for Asia Pacific, Steven Hill, said the new facility was required due to steadily increasing customer numbers and geographical spread of demand for Crown’s innovative products and services.

“The new branch is another example of Crown’s commitment to our growing number of South Korean customers in manufacturing, industrial, warehousing and logistics,” Mr Hill said.

“It also demonstrates Crown’s ability to improve the customer experience through ongoing infrastructure development in the Asian market, which is bringing global technology to local business in Asia whilst expanding the customer support network.

“Since we began operating in South Korea, Crown has delivered genuine cost savings, operational improvements and operator safety improvements to its customers, as well as growing employment opportunities.

“The new facility also enables Crown to extend its already strong environmental credentials, which is in harmony with the sustainability focus of the Icheon area.

Located in the region’s commercial Busan-Jeonju-Icheon ‘growth triangle’, Icheon is home to the port of Tanjung Pelepas, South Korea’s largest logistics complex, which supports the majority of the country’s resource refineries.

The area is also at the junction of three major expressways servicing Jungbu, Gyeongbu and Yeongdong, for easy vehicle access.

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Crown Equipment Boosts Guan Chong’s Capacity by 50 Per Cent

Crown Guan Chong 1

One of the world’s largest cocoa processors is using Crown material handling equipment to help it keep up with the world’s growing appetite for chocolate.

Guan Chong Bhd, which produces cocoa-derived food ingredients including cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa cake and cocoa powder, runs a busy material handling operation exporting its products to Europe, the Middle East, China, Japan and other Asian countries from its facility in Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia, using a full material handling solution from Crown.

The company has been using Crown RMD and RD Series reach trucks, PE Series rider pallet trucks and CG Series LPG counterbalance forklifts for over 10 years and plans to continue expanding its operations with the brand because of the equipment’s reliability, efficiency and safety.

The management of Guan Chong’s 10,000 pallet spaces – which are in use 12 hours per day with 200 daily dispatches seven days a week – is carried out by a large number of contracted staff.

The company rents its equipment from Crown to best match staff numbers in busy periods.

Assistant Logistic and Warehouse Manager Tenh Swee Kheng said the use of Crown material handling equipment, which includes highly-efficient Crown pantograph-equipped double-deep reach trucks, has resulted in substantial efficiency increases across Guan Chong’s operations.

“Using Crown lift trucks has added more than 50 per cent to our capacity, so it creates a lot of savings in material handling,” Mr Kheng said.

“We have a number of these units in our warehouse and they are helping our operation to run more smoothly.”

Reliability and safety is another important factor for Guan Chong.

“Of course, the equipment is very reliable and also our staff is very happy with the Crown trucks because they have safety factors built-in to the design; good visibility and a strong alert when reversing for picking and storage.”

Guan Chong is expanding its operations on new frontiers and has continued to place Crown at the centre of its material handling operations.

“We’ve also invested in Crown equipment in the next country where we’re setting up operations, which is Indonesia,” he said.

“I think it’s a very good partnership in terms of the support Crown can offer our business.

“Guan Chong has been in business for 30 years and we’ve been using Crown material handling equipment for the last 10. I think that continuing with the brand is a way to help grow our business in the future.

“Crown is definitely the brand I would promote for high density, high-reach storage.”

Guan Chong began operations in the early 1980s, originally trading cocoa beans then processing cocoa in its first factory in Muar, Johor.

The company is one of the top cocoa processors in Malaysia with a capacity of 80,000 tonnes. It has recently expanded its operations with a grinding plant in Batam, Indonesia. Guan Chong’s output is contributing to Johor’s position as the ‘chocolate hub’ of Malaysia, making-up around 85 per cent of the country’s cocoa grinding capacity.

Guan Chong is a proud member of the World Cocoa Foundation, an international membership organisation that promotes sustainability in the cocoa sector.


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Guan Chong Bhd, which produces cocoa-derived food ingredients including cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa cake and cocoa powder, runs a busy material handling operation exporting its products to Europe, the Middle East, China, Japan and other Asian countries from its facility in Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia, using a full material handling solution from Crown.

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Crown Rolls Out Efficient Automation Technology in Southeast Asia

EU QPR-029

Crown Equipment is giving order pickers their greatest update ever with new technology for the company’s pallet trucks that offers a substantial efficiency boost.

The Crown QuickPick™ Remote Order Picking Technology utilises a special glove that remotely controls the movement of the pallet truck and is now being rolled out throughout the Southeast Asia region.

The system uses task-automating technologies to simplify workflow and optimise the order picking process, thereby increasing productivity and reducing operator fatigue.

QuickPick™ Remote is compatible with the Crown PC 4500 Series centre console rider pallet trucks and GPC 3060 Series low level order pickers.

Greg Facer, general manager – Crown Insite and technology business development Pacific Rim, said Crown’s designers saw the potential to integrate rider pallet trucks and low level order pickers with beneficial new technology in the same way it does with its counterbalance forklifts and reach trucks.

“Our design team looked at how we could improve efficiency to more of our equipment range through technological innovation,” Mr Facer said.

“Research found that with rider pallet trucks, the operator steps up and down from the driving platform frequently, taking many unproductive steps during the picking process.

“We realised if we could design and engineer a means of remotely controlling the truck, we could save around 70 percent of the steps operators take getting on and off the platform and significantly reduce the number of unproductive steps.”

Crown developed a system that literally puts the power to advance the truck in the hands of operators, even when they are not on the truck. While the QuickPick Remote system is simple to use, Crown engineers overcame considerable challenges in bringing it to fruition.

“The transceiver glove and trigger has to ‘pair’ with individual trucks in a way that would allow multiple trucks to be controlled by multiple operators in the same work environment,” Mr Facer said.

“This is similar in principle to how individuals can pair their mobile phones with a Bluetooth hands-free device in passenger vehicles but at a more advanced level, allowing operators to work independently of each other without interference.

After pairing, operators simply double click the button embedded in the glove to move the truck to the next picking location.

“Because there are often random cartons in warehouse aisles, the truck needed to have a means of ‘sensing’ such obstacles and avoiding contact. This was achieved by mounting lasers to the front of the vehicle that inform the truck of any obstacles, activating the braking system.

“Through its ability to detect obstacles in the path of the truck with lasers, QuickPick Remote also enables the system to work with Crown’s Access 1 2 3® Comprehensive System Control that initiates minor corrections to the travel path to keep the truck moving down the aisle.

“The wireless transceiver glove and trigger modules also include horn and brake buttons for added safety and control.”

“Low-level order picking is a fast-paced, physically demanding job where operator fatigue has a significant impact on productivity. In fact, customers tell us that any improvements in the picking process would contribute to noticeable operational gains,” Mr. Facer said.

This technology enables operators to remain behind the forks, working in the optimum position for picking while maintaining a consistent rhythm and pace, resulting in increased productivity and reduced fatigue.”

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Image 1

Caption: Order selectors simply press a button on the wireless transceiver glove to remotely advance the truck to the next pick location.

Image 2

Caption: QuickPick™ Remote helps reduce the number of steps order selectors take on and off the platform by up to 70 per cent.

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Crown Launches Versatile MPC 3000 Series Lift Truck in Southeast Asia

Crown Equipment has released a new series of state-of-the-art lift trucks combining the benefits of an order picker with the advantages of a counterbalance forklift.

The new Crown MPC 3000 Series combines a high-lift, clear-view mast with an outrigger-free counterbalance design and an ergonomic ride-on platform; a combination that creates a versatile, multi-purpose lift truck capable of performing tasks usually requiring more than one piece of equipment.

It features the tried-and-tested Crown AC traction motor for reliability and powerful acceleration, and is capable of travelling up to 12.5km/h and lifting 1200 kilograms to a height of 4.3 metres. It can lift full-capacity loads (at a 600mm load centre) to the full height of the mast. read more »»

Southeast Asia Capitalising on a Decade of Material Handling Advancements

Southeast Asia is rapidly becoming a manufacturing and logistics powerhouse. Companies establishing a presence in this region are in the unique position of being able to embrace third and fourth generation concepts in warehouse and distribution centre design, along with the technological advancements made in the last decade in the area of material handling equipment.

Companies operating in long-established and mature markets such as the U.S., Europe and Australia have seen a number of significant advancements in warehouse design and lift truck technology. As the technology has evolved, they have had to reinvest in facilities and equipment to maintain a competitive advantage. read more »»

Crown Launches Updated Heavy-duty FC 5200 Electric Counterbalance Forklift

The most efficient heavy-duty counterbalance forklift for warehouse and manufacturing applications to come from Crown Equipment has been launched across the South East Asian region.

Helping the company deliver a more extensive counterbalance forklift line-up for a wide range of warehousing requirements, the Crown FC 5200 Series provides the expected strength, stability and manoeuvrability from a brand renowned for producing equipment that stands up to the task. read more »»

Crown Increases Servicing Speed and Parts Availability with New Field Service Technology

Customers to benefit from new software system being rolled out in Southeast Asia

Crown Equipment is world-renowned for its leadership in applying technology to forklift trucks, and developing fully integrated warehouse management software systems such as InfoLink® to help its customers make better business decisions. The company has now announced the Southeast Asian rollout of its latest in-house developed software solution for managing and maintaining forklift fleets.

The new service management system is a powerful information management and messaging system, bringing together everything a field service technician needs to carry out the most efficient repairs and maintenance to customers’ forklift fleets. The system does away with many paper-based systems, reduces the incidence of human error, lost paperwork or misread handwritten notes. It also maintains a complete service history for every lift truck used by every Crown customer in the region. read more »»

Crown Launches Next Generation Wave 60 Work Assist Vehicle

Crown has elevated the style and substance of its Wave® Work Assist Vehicle® with important specification enhancements and fresh aesthetics.

The Wave’s revisions strengthen its well-known functionality, which has helped numerous organisations around the world improve workplace safety and productivity levels beyond the capability of ladders.

The new Wave 60 Series’ new AC drive motors provide powerful performance – with travel speeds of up to 8km/h and increased manoeuvrability – and improved durability. read more »»

Crown’s Internal Combustion Range Expanded to Provide Greater Choice in Southeast Asia

Lift Trucks from 2,000kg to 16,000kg capacity with engines from 2.3 litres to 8.1 litres

SINGAPORE, DATE, 2016 – Crown Equipment, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, has recently enhanced its range of gas and diesel lift trucks, with the introduction across the Southeast Asian region of its C-5 Series internal combustion (IC) counterbalance forklift truck. The new C-5 range complements Crown’s existing industry-leading internal combustion and electric truck range, providing customers with a single source of supplier for proven and trusted material handling equipment. read more »»

Crown Launches Award-Winning RT 4000 Series Rider Pallet Trucks Throughout South East Asia

Crown Equipment has announced the local availability of its latest rider pallet truck, offering a unique approach to operator ergonomics that increase productivity.

The Crown designed and built RT 4000 Series rider pallet truck  is available in stand-up or sit-down models with load capacities of up to 2,000 kilograms. Stand-up models can be configured for right-hand or left-hand steering, meeting the needs and preferences of the customer. All pallet trucks in the series offer unique control arrangements and configurable seating on sit down models to provide comfort for operators of all sizes.

Crown believes the RT 4000 Series will be well accepted by regional companies operating in warehouse environments such as FMCG, 3PL, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. read more »»

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