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Crown’s dependable forklifts and solutions help SaltWorks® increase productivity, uptime and battery efficiency

SaltWorks is a vertically integrated company that has grown from a home-based business to become the largest gourmet sea salt company in the world. The company imports salt from 25 different countries to produce over 110 varieties that it redistributes globally.

SaltWorks relied initially on LPG internal combustion forklifts, which required the company to filter combustion gasses from its facility. When management decided to make the switch to electric forklifts, based on research and their experience with an initial purchase of a used Crown counterbalance forklift, they selected a fleet of application-specific Crown forklift models, including sit-down counterbalance trucks, stackers and pallet trucks. A bank of  Crown’s V-Force® chargers provide the versatility they need to charge every forklift in their fleet.

As a relatively new electric forklift user, SaltWorks was keenly aware of their battery investment and wanted to ensure they would be able to maximize the return on their investment. The company outfitted each forklift with Crown’s InfoLink® Operator and Fleet Management system to control operator access, improve compliance documentation and  monitor truck utilization. Crown’s Battery Health Monitor was also added to remotely monitor battery utilization and help the company perform load balancing to maximize the fleet’s battery efficiency.

“Being able to monitor the charge of each forklift independently allows us to balance the load,” said Colin Mclane, SaltWorks engineering manager. “That way, if we notice one truck is performing in a very high duty role, we can switch that truck out for a truck that’s been used in a lighter duty role to maximize battery efficiency.”

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Crown’s dependable forklifts and solutions help SaltWorks® increase productivity, uptime and battery efficiency - Crown Material Handling News - Crown Material Handling News

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