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InfoLink provides utilization data to help increase productivity and uptime

Crown Packaging is a privately held company headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, with facilities in Ohio and Tennessee. The company specializes in contract packaging for the automotive industry and regularly takes in, sorts, packages and ships out approximately 4 million automotive parts each month. After being asked to evaluate the overall use of the operation’s lift truck fleet, Brian Cox, corporate controller of Crown Packaging, found that existing information was inaccurate and built around the misconception that every lift truck was not only needed, but was fully utilized.

The quest for a better way to track the company’s lift truck operations on a daily or even hourly basis led Crown Packaging to Crown’s InfoLink® Operator and Fleet Management System, linked to the extremely maneuverable Crown RC 5500 Series lift trucks. InfoLink provides the company with utilization data across multiple locations – data that isn’t available from any other source. Crown Packaging now has a better understanding of its fleet activity, helping management identify process improvements that will minimize operator distractions that keep them off the truck, resulting in downtime.

“We couldn’t live without the RC units,” Cox said. “To take advantage of every inch we can, the RC’s maneuverability is vital. And now, with InfoLink, I can actually see what they (operators and trucks) do at any time from anywhere.”

A full understanding of how your lift truck fleet is being used can provide information for process improvements to help increase your operation’s productivity and the uptime of your fleet. See what Crown’s InfoLink system can do for you.




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InfoLink provides utilization data to help increase productivity and uptime - Crown Material Handling News - Crown Material Handling News

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