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Flyte Camp finds Crown Wave® and C-5 Series to be essential tools for travel trailer restoration

Flyte Camp, a vintage travel trailer restoration and custom renovation shop in Bend, Oregon, operates out of a facility with a variety of workstations, so space is often at a premium. Crown Equipment, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, helped the company maximize facility space while also increasing productivity and safety.

Flyte Camp and its owners are stars of the television show, Flippin’ RVs, which makes work conditions even tighter when the show is filming on location at the facility. Additionally, the harsh weather during Oregon winters make moving the vehicles from an outside staging area to the restoration facility difficult. Flyte Camp turned to the Crown C-5 Series for its maneuverability and precision to safely move virtually irreplaceable trailers in tight quarters with sometimes only inches to spare. The optional cabin on the forklift enables workers to remain comfortable and keep projects moving regardless of the weather conditions.

“Everybody loves the way the C-5 works, the way it looks,” said Anna Scribner, owner and lead designer, Flyte Camp. “We hear nothing but rave reviews. Honestly, I don’t know if we would be able to conduct our business without it.”

When working on a restoration project, Crown’s Work Assist® vehicle (the Wave®) has helped the Flyte Camp team work at height alongside each vehicle without interruption. The Wave has helped increase productivity and safety by eliminating the need for unstable ladders and temporary work platforms. Worker satisfaction has increased, with the Wave helping to reduce worker fatigue and the risk of injury.

“I can’t imagine doing this job here without the Wave,” said Justin Scribner, owner, Flyte Camp. “We use it in so many different applications. It’s an incredible product to have. The only thing I would change here at the shop with the Wave is getting another one!”

For Flyte Camp, working in tight quarters and at height next to trailers for hours at a time presents a unique set of challenges. The Crown C-5 Series and Crown’s Work Assist vehicle have helped the company work under tight space constraints while helping to increase productivity, safety and worker satisfaction.

For more details of how Flyte Camp and Crown work together, visit the Crown C-5 Series and Crown’s Work Assist vehicle customer results on




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Flyte Camp finds Crown Wave® and C-5 Series to be essential tools for travel trailer restoration - Crown Material Handling News - Crown Material Handling News

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