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Crown Equipment helps Bland Distribution increase uptime and productivity

Bland Distribution Services in Donna, Texas primarily handles fresh produce products traveling from Mexico to retailers in the U.S. The company turned to Crown Equipment, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, for a solution to help increase uptime and productivity.

Bland Distribution Services operates two shifts per day, transferring produce between 150 semi-trucks daily. Customers expect their trucks to be fully loaded within two hours of when they check in at the dock. With most of its operation indoors, the company needed an electric truck that was capable of maximizing uptime across both shifts to keep up with demand.

The company selected the Crown FC Series to satisfy the demanding requirements of its time-sensitive operation. The FC Series quad mast helps the operation maximize warehouse space and move products with ease. When utilizing opportunity charging during breaks, Bland Distribution Services is able to run a single truck 12 to 14 hours a day on a single battery charge.

“We’ve eliminated 90 percent of the downtime,” said Nick Sanchez, General Manager, Bland Distribution Services. “Being proactive to make sure we are doing the maintenance checks and having the trucks serviced regularly, we’ve been able to keep it to a minimum.”

Running a fast-paced, time-sensitive operation requires Bland Distribution Services’ forklift fleet to run quickly and efficiently. With the reliability of the Crown FC Series, the company is able to run two full shifts without a full battery charge, maximizing the fleet’s productivity.  The FC Series’ extended maintenance plan reduces fleet downtime to ensure Bland Distribution Services stays on the go.

“You get what you pay for and it’s a hard working truck that’s dependable,” Sanchez said of the FC Series truck.

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Crown Equipment helps Bland Distribution increase uptime and productivity - Crown Material Handling News - Crown Material Handling News

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