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Increase uptime in harsh working environments

Growing, packing and distributing agricultural products, especially in hot, dusty environments like California, can be a challenge. Peri & Sons Farms, one of the largest onion-to-seed companies in the world, understands what it takes to meet this challenge. This family-owned business grows, packs and ships premium onions six days a week, with employees working 10-12 hour shifts. Thick dust and grit in the air, as well as onion peels carpeting the ground, create a harsh environment, so the company was experiencing excessive downtime to prevent their forklifts from overheating. Operators were forced to shut down the truck multiple times per shift to clear the radiator and allow the powertrain to cool – a time consuming procedure.

Now Peri & Sons has gained an additional 127 hours of fleet uptime every single week by eliminating these frequent work stoppages. How? By switching to the Crown C-5 Series. While the C-5’s dual radiator system provides efficient cooling for both the engine and transmission, their fleet is also equipped with the optional On-Demand Cooling system, which reverses the fan every time the truck is started. This clears the accumulated debris resulting from the dust and onion peels so the dual radiator can provide maximum cooling. Peri & Sons had also experienced premature brake failure with competitors’ forklifts but the C-5 Series’ Crown Power Brake System provides all of the stopping power they need while virtually eliminating brake maintenance – just one more way that the C-5 is always on the job.



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