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Crown Helps ACT Mailing House Boost Storage Capacity by up to 35 Per Cent

Crown Equipment is helping one of Australia’s biggest multi-user mailing house/print distribution centres grow the capacity and efficiency of its storage and distribution operations by providing a more capable and reliable material handling fleet.

National Mailing and Marketing (NMM), an award-winning company which has been providing customised distribution solutions to government and private sector clients in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and beyond for over 30 years, is running a Crown CG Series counterbalance forklift for loading and unloading duties and three Crown RR Series reach trucks to fully capitalise on the height of its recently built storage facility.

The company has also taken on Crown Wave® Work Assist Vehicles, which are improving stock-picking efficiency and safety over the step ladders previously used.

NMM began using Crown material handling equipment when its growing operations outpaced the capabilities of its old lift truck fleet.

The company currently manages over 5,000 pallets and 10,000 product lines for its 50 clients, to whom it provides digital print on demand, mail fulfilment and distribution and third-party logistics services.

General Manager Dennis Ogden said the boost in reliability and the way Crown equipment fulfils NMM’s material handling needs has led to a strong relationship between the companies.

“Going back to the early days of NMM, we started off with one second-hand forklift and steadily built-up the fleet over the years,” Mr Ogden said.

“As the business grew we obviously needed to upgrade those vehicles. We then started having problems with certain vehicles, at which time we looked around for a short-term hire vehicle.

“That hire vehicle replaced two of our vehicles and became a permanent fixture. We had excellent service from Crown so we decided to dispose of the second-hand forklifts altogether, which were failing continuously. The costs were mounting so we went for the full hire fleet option.

“We now have a full fleet of Crown vehicles and they’re operating very well.

“Manoeuvrability, reliability and a lack of downtime is what we were looking for and we’ve achieved all those things.”

The reliability of Crown lift trucks has been a major factor in operating cost savings that NMM has made since working with the brand.

“Because of the lack of reliability with the forklifts we had, we actually had a spare forklift that sat in the corner for 90 per cent of the time but was there to call on if any of the others failed. Usually there was a regular failure so we’ve saved the cost of one forklift just to start with.”

Crown has also substantially helped NMM maximise the storage space available at its new warehouse.

“The forklift we have here, without it we would not be in this new building.

“We had to have the forklift with the lift height and lifting capacity and it had to be easy to operate. When our new facility was built we needed to source the larger vehicle with a taller mast, given that we’re going eight levels high. We then spoke to Crown, who were very helpful in spec’ing the vehicle we needed.

“Having this forklift enabled us to go that little bit higher in the warehouse and we’ve probably gone an extra 15 to 20 per cent above what we were initially planning.

“We’ve also been able to design the racking layout with narrow aisles because of the tight turning circle of the Crown, so overall we’ve maximised the storage space.

“Comparing this to our other building we’ve probably got a 30 to 35 per cent capacity increase and we were only able to do that by having the Crown forklifts on site.

“Crown were with us right from the start, on opening day when the vehicle first rolled in and we’ve been happy with Crown ever since.”

Crown sales staff have also been instrumental in providing new, affordable material handling solutions to help improve other areas of the business.

“Speaking to our Crown sales representative the other day, he suggested that we might like to have a look at the new order picking equipment that Crown is bringing in. He delivered a new Wave on site within a few days and all of our pickers and packers have now trialled it.

“It’s easy to operate, easy to manoeuvre and they feel comfortable and safe on it. I think that’s going to improve our picking capability and capacity fairly significantly as well.

“We have been using step ladders but I think this is going to bring a whole new way of picking orders at NMM.

“Given the service we’ve received and where we’re heading in the future, we’ll be very happy to have Crown come along with us.”

NMM specialises in warehousing and distribution, mail fulfilment, print production and specialised 3PL support services.

Based in Hume, ACT, NMM has been servicing the public sector and private businesses since 1993. In addition to the ACT and southern New South Wales regional areas, it also has clients based in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and as far afield as London.

The company won the Medium Employer of the Year category at the ACT Training Awards in 2014 and 2016, and the ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards in 2012 and 2014.

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Caption: National Mailing and Marketing is running a Crown CG Series counterbalance forklift, three Crown RR Series reach trucks and Wave® Work Assist Vehicles to manage its material handling needs. (Pictured: left, General Manager Dennis Ogden)

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Crown Innovates With Double-deep Rack Safety Training

Toll 2

Crown Equipment’s driver training division has launched an innovative new course designed to reduce accidents associated with the use of double-deep and single deep racking systems.

The course was initially developed in conjunction with Customised Solutions, a business unit of Toll Group, to build competency within its workforce. It is now available for all Australian reach truck operators through Crown Commercial Training’s locations nationwide.

The double-deep training course focuses on safe and efficient methods for approaching, departing and monitoring loads when placing and picking pallets from steel storage racking systems.

It also covers use of operator aids such as auto-levelling and cameras and also the functions of particular pieces of equipment and more.

According to Mark Cowley, Executive General Manager at Customised Solutions, an analysis of safety incidents involving pallet placement into racking systems revealed that a high proportion were related to double-deep racking.

“Given the potential of these incidents to cause serious injury if products were displaced, it was imperative to look at all aspects of racking design and driver training, which were key contributors to the incidents,” Mr Cowley said.

“We believe the adoption of consistent, correct techniques for material handling equipment into our culture will result in a much safer workplace, so establishing the right level of training was very important to us.”

Customised Solutions Regional Safety Manager – Northern Region, Chris Burke said the double-deep training course is a result of a broader push for increased safety within Toll.

“Each of our sites have unique risks. We’re working with Crown to focus on these risks in our training for both operators and team managers who provide instructions to our teams on a daily basis,” Mr Burke said.

“This will ensure we provide the best possible operator training for the safety of all our team members.”

Crown Commercial Training Manager Ben Flaiban said the double-deep training course has the potential to boost safety in warehouses across the country for a range of organisations, big or small.

“Double-deep racking is a major boon for warehousing because it allows increases in storage capacity of over 30 per cent,” Mr Flaiban said.

“However, reach truck operators need to possess the right skills to use it safely. Up until now there hasn’t been any formal training available for double-deep in Australia.

“Crown Commercial Training has addressed this gap and we are encouraging any organisation using double-deep racking to offer this training to its operators.”

Crown Equipment is a registered training organisation with locations all around Australia. It is also capable of travelling to organisations in Australia and abroad to deliver its new double-deep training.

Crown Commercial Training also offers the following courses:

  • Forklift (LF) licence training and order picker (LO) licence training
  • Refresher training and evaluation for forklift (LF) and order picking (LO)
  • Material handling equipment coach and supervisor training (MHE)
  • Manual handling techniques and awareness
  • Battery handling techniques and awarenessBluecard™
  • OHS certification and skills passport
  • Chain of responsibility
  • Wave work assist vehicle, electric pallet jack and wave stacker training

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Caption: Crown Equipment’s new double-deep training course focuses on safe and efficient methods for approaching, departing and monitoring loads when placing and picking pallets from steel storage racking systems. (Pictured: Customised Solutions Regional Safety Manager – Northern Region, Chris Burke, Crown Commercial Training Manager Ben Flaiban)

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Crown to Sell Hand Pallet Trucks Online


Crown has added a new level of convenience to material handling equipment sales with the online availability of an iconic warehousing workhorse.

Two different models of Australia’s best-selling hand pallet truck, the Crown PTH Series, are now available for order through the Crown website to suit an array of different work environments and pallet sizes.

Crown PTH 2745 and 2045 models can now be ordered directly through Crown with flat rate shipping of $75 for one hand pallet truck to any address in Australia. Additional hand pallet trucks for each order will receive discounted shipping rates. read more »»

Crown Offers Dedicated Local Support in Wollongong


Crown Equipment has boosted its sales and service support in an important growth area with the opening of a new branch in Wollongong, NSW.

The new branch was established to support growth in the warehousing, building and mining sectors in the area with the supply of new, second-hand and rental equipment.

The facility includes a service centre with comprehensive spare parts holdings and a showroom with a selection of Crown lift trucks. read more »»

Crown Helps Premium Fan Company With Long-Term Lifting


An innovative Australian ceiling fan manufacturer has placed Crown Equipment at the centre of its national distribution operations thanks to the brand’s quality, value and ability to work as a trusted business partner.

Hunter Pacific International, which designs and engineers its cutting-edge products onsite at its head office in Dural, NSW, exclusively runs an array of Crown material handling equipment including the SC, SHR and WP Series models as well as a Wave work-assist vehicle. read more »»


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